San Gennaro Dos and Don'ts

The annual Feast of San Gennaro is on through Sunday.  Each September for 87 years, Mulberry Street teems with Italian-Americans and the people who love them (and their food). While the times have changed, the basic format has remained the same. Religious processions? Check. Musical entertainment? Yup. Food? Of course.

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But before you go, here are some quick festival Dos and Don’ts:

DO take in the festive decorations. It feels like Christmas in September.

DON’T stay for a long time if you’re in any way claustrophobic. (Or frankly, even if you’re not.) The feast gets insanely crowded.

DO try to get there at 7 p.m. on Thursday, the official Saint Day, for the religious procession in which the Statue of San Gennaro is carried through the streets of Little buying viagra Italy.

DON’T go if you’re on a diet. Assuming you’re not a masochist. if so, have at it.

DO make sure that you snack on zeppoles, those deep fried dough balls dusted with powdered sugar. Deep. Fried. Dough. Balls. Need I say more?

Yes, it’s crowded and probably more expensive than you’d like, but a quick pop in can be a lot of fun. Grab a cannoli, check out the crowd and have a ball!



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