7 Reasons Why I Love Restaurant Week

1. I’m cheap.

2. I love to try new places.

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3. I love to eat at my favorite joints for a mere pittance. (See #1.)

4. You can take a pal (or two) out to celebrate whatever and you look like a star.

5. Three dinner courses for $38 bucks? I’m in.

6. Three lunch courses for $25? Yes, please.

7. Again, I’m cheap.

But not McDonald’s cheap. I loooove good food and am willing to spend if it’s worth it, but frankly I get cranky if I pay big bucks for a meal buy viagra canada and it doesn’t hold up. But I do the happy dance when I can devour a good one for less than the market price.

So what’s going on at North Square for the remainder of the promotion? I’ve explained before that Chef Yoel is going crazy and changing the menu several times a week.

And I’m looking forward to these treats: cold red pepper bisque, grilled shrimp and calamari salad, paella–you read that right–paella, the nectar of the gods, strip steak, tropical fruit gazpacho, crab rolls, seared branzino, plum and blueberry pecan cobbler and the hazelnut peach tart.

You get the message. Make your reservations here. We can’t wait to see you!


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