Pigs In A Blanket

The constant drumbeat of drama surrounded our city’s mayoral primary candidates (okay, just one of them) makes me crave only one thing and one thing only: hot dogs!

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Truth be told, skip the dirty water dogs in the street carts unless you’re desperate, as a decent, inexpensive frank is relatively easy to find all around the city. Here are a few top-notch encased-beef delights in the city worth checking out:

Gray’s Papaya, right around the corner on Sixth Ave. and on the Upper West Side, is a city institution. $1.95 buys you an all-beef frank. Better yet, go for the Recession Special–a constant menu item whether we’re in an actual fiscal downturn or not–two dogs and a frothy papaya, or other juice for $4.95.

Shake Shack is known for its burgers, but the dogs are nothing to turn up your nose at. The $4.00 Shack-cago Dog (Chicago–get it? Good.) is topped with relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt and mustard.There are now a half a dozen locations in the city, and the wait won’t necessarily be as long as the early days in the original Madison Park location.

Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side serves the classic deli dog for $3.45.

Yes, Nathan’s still exists on Coney Island. And yes, the wieners are still awesome. A basic dog starts at $2.49. Add chili, cheese or hell, chili and cheese. It’s worth the trip…mainly because, like Nathan’s franks, Coney Island is awesome. Except that Fourth of July eating contest. That’s just gross.

Crif Dogs has two viagra generic locations in the Lower East Side and Wiliamsburg. The franks are homemade with naturally smoked beef and pork, which in and of itself is a beautiful thing. But wrap that up in bacon with chili, coleslaw and jalapenos and you’ve got the Spicy Red Neck Dog. Or try the Morning Jersey dog, wrapped in Taylor ham with melted cheese and a fried egg and if you didn’t believe in God before, you certainly will now.

Happy dogging!


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