NYC Via Jet Ski

There viagra without prescription are plenty of ways to tour New York City. Circle Line, sightseeing bus, walking or cycling. (I’m guessing Segway, too? Gotta look into that.) But check this out–I just discovered that there’s a jet skiing tour!

Jetty Jumpers conducts several one to three hour tours around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jet skiers can hit Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Governors Island. They can motor right up to the Statue of Liberty or ride underneath the Verrazano Bridge. Or see the South Street Seaport or the Brooklyn Bridge from the water.

All gear, including wet suits, are included in the cost. And of course they teach a brief safety course. Prices vary with each tour, and drivers must be at least 17 years old; passengers need to be 15. Click here to learn more and to contact Jetty Jumpers directly.

It really looks like a lot of fun. Take a look at a video here.

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