Don Draper Lived Where?

New York has long been the home base for many of our favorite television characters–even back in the days of I Love Lucy. (The Ricardos supposedly dwelled at 623 East 68th Street…an address that in the real world would put them right smack in the middle of the East River.) But other well-known apartment buildings can be found–at least their exteriors–right here in Manhattan.

Carrie Bradshaw’s pad on Sex & The City was supposed to be on 73rd between Park and Madison but is actually at 66 Perry St. right here in the West Village:

Monica Geller’s Friends apartment is on the corner of Grove and Bedford Streets. Not sure where the ugly naked guy and Ross lived, though.

Liz Lemon from 30 Rock lived at 160 Riverside Drive, which is an actual building at that actual address on the Upper West Side, just off Riverside Park.

And Mad Men fans will remember Don Draper’s first city apartment, you viagra online canadian pharmacy know, the one he signed the lease on when wife #1 Betty finally tossed him out. That one is reportedly at 136 Waverly Place.

See if you can spot them when you visit!


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