Chowing Down Pre-Fireworks

As North Square was surely your first choice for a July 4th pre-fireworks pigout you must be bummed that it’s temporarily closed for renovations, right? Fear not. I’ve got a list of a few of my favorite restaurants within striking distance of the pyrotechnics. Here you go:

Cookshop: 10th Ave. and 20th street. Cookshop in Chelsea kind of reminds me of North Square with its focus on seasonal and organic produce and affordable wines. And the service? One night at dinner a very animated member or our party waved his hand to make a point and–SMASH–there goes our bottle of wine. I wanted to crawl under the table but much like our waitstaff, the good folks at Cookshop couldn’t have been nicer about it.

Daisy May’s BBQ USA: 11th Ave. and 46th St. Who says New Yorkers can’t do the ‘cue? This Hell’s Kitchen joint is owned by that super famous god of grilling, Adam Perry Lang. Pick your rib style: Oklahoma, Memphis or Kansas City. Or get a whole pig (feeds up to 12) or a whole pork butt that feeds up to 6. Mmmmm mmmm mmmm…..

Pio Pio on 10th Ave. between 43rd and 44th is part of a min-chain serving Peruvian food. Delicious arepas (corn cakes), empanadas, ceviche and roasted chicken with a special sauce dominate the menu.

Boqueria: I’m crazy about Spain and its cuisine, so whenever I need a tapas fix, I head to this place on 19th St. between 5th and 6th. (There’s a second outpost in Soho.) The nibbles are crazy good: try chorizo vela, fuet (a Catalan pork sausage) and of course, jamon serrano coupled with wonderful Spanish cheeses. If you haven’t tried pan con tamate (grilled bread rubbed with garlic, tomato and olive oil) you really, really need to put it on your bucket list before you die. Simply heaven. The croquettes, the tortilla espanola…oh, I could go on and on, but it’s viagra levitra making me too hungry so I need to stop.

So hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas for the holiday. Remember that the lobby bar will be open on the 4th and North Square will resume regular meal service the next day. so come back to us!

Happy Fourth of July!



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