City Scavenger Hunt

Weren’t scavenger hunts a completely cool thing to do as a kid? I confess…I never won. But now, even as an adult, I can get a second chance.

Accomplice bills itself as an “experience”, a show where the stage is the streets of New York. A call to your cell phone sets you on your way. Audience members travel in small groups (about 10) through the city seeking clues inherent to the plot. Cast members appear at each stop–a bar, or maybe a noted landmark. Scavengers have to use their noggins to try to figure out the puzzle; winners get bragging rights. The 2-1/2 hour hunts run several times each Saturday afternoon. Tickets cost $65, including drinks. One show focuses exclusively on Greenwich Village, while another spreads out to a wider area of NY.

Another hunt, brought to you by Stray Boots, is described as a half-scavenger hunt, half walking tour. Contestants may choose their game from a varied assortment, like Wall Street and Old Manhattan: Money Talks, History Walks. Romantics can sign up for The Perfect City Date in which they’ll hit art galleries, sample tasty treats and wind up in a secret, romantic garden. This 2-3 hour game can be played on your own timetable; contestants online drugstore without prescription receive clues, answer trivia and solve riddles via their cell phones. Cost for all outings are only $12.

Watson Adventures provides guided hunts for groups and you select the location and the theme from a vast list of possibilities. Central Park is the venue for a hunt based on the secrets of the park or movie locations within the park. Explore the Lower East Side with the Pastrami and Wry Scavenger Hunt. (I love that one.) Or deduce whodunit at a Metropolitan Museum of Art murder mystery. Games are for people of all ages…contact Watson for a price quote.

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