NYC Bicycle Share: What You Need To Know

The city’s long-anticipated bike-sharing program started this week. Here are the basics for visitors and residents alike:

6,000 bikes are currently available for use at more than 300 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Annual membership in the program is $95, but a seven-day pass is $25 and 24-hour usage costs just $10. Passes can be purchased by credit or debit card right at the bike docking stations.

The program seems to be designed for commuting and short hops rather than leisure rides, as each stint should be no longer than 30 minutes (or 45 minutes for annual members). Tardiness in returning the bike will result in additional fees that escalate the longer you keep cycling: an extra half hour will cost you $4, that third half hour is $9, with a $12 fee incurred for each extra 30 minutes from then on.

There are tons of bike lanes now in NYC–check here for maps. (The route up the Hudson to the GW bridge is fantastic.)

But remember, buy viagra pills safety first, people! Helmets are not included. (Please use one. Please!) And it’s a must to obey the traffic laws. Cycling is healthy, fun and great for the environment–no one needs to get hurt!

Happy cycling!

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