Celebrate Easter With Us!

Easter is only a few weeks away. If you’re too pooped from the egg hunt to even think about cooking, come on over and enjoy the holiday meal with us at either brunch or dinner.

Brunch specials will include a Mediterranean omelette, banana and chocolate pancakes, seafood salad, shrimp bisque and chicken risotto.

A three course prix fixe Easter dinner is canadian healthcare viagra online uk only $40. Appetizer choices include shrimp bisque, arugula salad or grilled quail with chanterelles, butternut squash, taleggio cheese polenta with a sherry demi-glace.

Special entrees are roasted poisson with creamed corn, kale, scallion pancake, rosemary and dried chili au jus. Or seared branzino with tomato aramanth (a grain), wild mushrooms and herb buerre blanc. Or grilled skirt steak with spinach, ricotta gnocchi and red wine au jus.

(FYI if you’re full from nibbling too many marshmallow peeps, all of these specials can be ordered ala carte.)

Happy Easter, everyone!

One thought on “Celebrate Easter With Us!

  1. When I was growing up, Easter meant that the crocuses were in bloom and we were going to look for a new dress to wear to mass and brunch on Easter Sunday. What I looked forward to the most, however, was the scavenger hunt my father put on for us, with challenging clues we had to answer to move on to our next treasure.
    And the fact that spring had arrived.

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