9 Foods You May Not Know Are Natural Aphrodisiacs

We all know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. (Turns out it’s scientifically true…I honestly thought it was just the best excuse ever to eat chocolate: generic cialis viagra “It’ll renew our relationship!”) And it’s common knowledge that red wine is too; it relaxes you and lowers inhibitions–sometimes to the floor. But I didn’t know about these everyday love foods, and plan to incorporate at least some of them into my V-Day dinner.

Asparagus: Apparently it increases circulation downthere, leading to increased sexual desire. Mama always said to eat all your vegetables!

Ginger and Cinnamon: Both warm you and your partner up by literally producing heat within the body.

Honey: Organic, raw honey (not the kind in the little bear) supports both testosterone and estrogen production.

Garlic: It contains allicin, which increases blood flow and improves stamina. Clearly make sure that you both eat it so that you can stand the smell of each other.

Basil: One of my favorite herbs and now there’s more reason to love it, as it increases heart rate and improves blood flow.

Pine Nuts: Chock-full of zinc, which produces testosterone.

Avocados: It seems that because it’s packed with tons of nutrients and the “good” fat, eating a lot of it makes you healthy and…um…energetic.

Bananas: It’s not just the suggestive shape (although that certainly doesn’t hurt). They’re loaded with potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, plus special enzymes and minerals that specifically enhance the male libido.

It may come as no surprise that our beloved Ronnie Jenkins knew immediately which foods are aphrodisiacs. (Seriously–he nailed it on the first try.)  Ronnie came up with a list of dishes that he would serve his beloved on Valentine’s night:

Cinnamon sugar cookies with ginger
Avocado crostini and a glass of bubbly
Asparagus quiche
Pine nuts, toasted in a spinach salad
Strawberries and honey

So have a little pesto and garlic sauce or bananas foster or roasted asparagus and have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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