Say Cheese!

Anyone who knows me that as much as I love my wine….I love my cheese even more. Yes, that much. And for fromage freaks like me, Sunday is a day to bow our heads, give thanks, order viagra online and chow down on the creamy, the veined and the stinky. It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day, people!

So where do I go to stock up on my favorite nosh? The best place in New York is Murray’s Cheese right here in Greenwich Village.  Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

The variety is incredible and the knowledgeable staff can educate you on the difference between cialis online a Roquefort and a Cabrales or a Parmigiano Reggiano and a Pecorino Romano.

They even have a shop online, with a virtual cheese counter where, under categories like “I’m Entertaining”, “I’m Cooking” and “Find My New Favorite Cheese” they list a bunch of adjectives to describe what you might be looking for in your purchase. You click on the description, and…voila!

Want a wacky cheese? That would be Up In Smoke, a smoked goat cheese.

How about an over the top ingredient for homemade mac and cheese? Use Sottocenere, a flavored cow’s milk to blow diner’s minds.

It’s so much fun–and you can discover so many new flavors, like my personal favorite under the “stinky” category: Pont-l’Eveque.

Have a Happy Cheese Lover’s Day!


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