Restaurant Week, Part Deux

I’ve already posted about Chef Yoel’s first menu for Restaurant Week, but he’s switching it up. Here’s a bit of what the chef has got in store for the next phase of the promotion–January 17th and 18th.

For lunch, diners get a choice of wild mushroom soup, marinated grilled shrimp buying viagra now and winter vegetable salad for appetizers. Entrees are

either grilled scallops, Cobb salad or braised lamb quesadilla. Dessert is a choice of mocha bread pudding, warm Granny Smith apple and cranberry crumble or chocolate cream pie.  All for 25 bucks.

The dinner selections make me, and my stomach, ridiculously happy. Again Yoel has wild mushroom soup for an app…or arugula salad or grilled quail. (Special note: the quail is insanely good.)

Entrees will be braised short ribs, seared monkfish or pan roasted free range chicken breast.

Desserts include the chocolate cream pie, plus butterscotch creme brulee and pumpkin cheesecake.

Make your reservations now, people! And get the quail. Seriously.







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