O Christmas Tree…

Ever wonder what happens to all those 10-foot Christmas trees online pharmacy in a densely-populated city where one square block can probably host over a thousand firs and evergreens? Christmas tree recycling began on the 2nd, so for the past week or so, I’m sure everyone has encountered the carcasses of holiday past on their curbs. Like this:

And this:

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Or this:

Our neighbors by the shore have a bit of a different experience:

The NYC Parks Department organizes Mulchfest, (scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday) in which they will recycle Christmas trees into wood chips, which are used to nourish trees and plants on streets and gardens citywide. (Being a huge fan of the city parks, to me, this is the way to go.)  But jeez, get another mascot, guys–this one just freaks me out.

The holidays may be toast, but here’s the good news…only 69 days until spring!!!

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