I'll Have A Regular Slice, Please.

Visitors to the city are invariably looking for that iconic New York slice. A real, true, old school one. Not artisanal, not gourmet, not farm to table. No celebrity chefs manning the oven. And, please, for the love of God, no pineapple or other twisted toppings. Just a good old fashioned New York slice.

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One that has thin crust (but not too thin) with a slight char, gooey cheese (but not too gooey because then you screw up the crust ) and an appropriate proportion of tomato to cheese to bread. Can you fold it? Will a single blot of a napkin take off the excess grease? Yes?? Ladies and gentlemen, that is New York-style pizza. best price cialis Excellent any time of day, but truly heaven sent at 3 a.m. post-cocktails.

Happily, one of the best is right in our neighborhood. Joe’s Pizza, on Carmine St. off 6th Ave., has been around for almost 40 years and they don’t mess with a good thing. They have regular and Sicilian pies and slices and soda. That’s it, because, frankly, that’s all you need.

Next time you’re out listening to music and want something greasy to soak up the booze, hit Joe’s and tell me what you think! (And please, no forks!)


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