I am freezing my butt off and counting the days until spring. (53, in case you’re wondering.) I truly feel for visitors to the city on frigid weeks like this–the wind is a killer. But fear not! Although it makes wandering the city a tad less viagra aus usa enjoyable, winter is still a great time to see New York. You can get around pretty easily even in the snow and there are plenty of things for travelers to do. (And remember, traveling via subway is warm! No windshields to scrape!) Here are a few things to do and where to do them.

Sip hot chocolate. Don’t stand out in the cold in front of Serendipity 3 on the upper east side. Yes, it’s pretty and the hot chocolate is definitely yummy, but alas there’s always a line and it’s too damn cold outside. Head instead to The City Bakery on 18th Street. Their hot chocolate is to die for.

Go ice skating. But skip the crazy crowds at Rockefeller Center and head downtown instead to the newly-opened the Liberty View Rink in Battery Park. Admission is only $10 and skate rentals are 5. (And yeah, you really can view Lady Liberty while you perfect your figure 8s.)

Graze through Eataly. If you’re a food nut like me, you can spend hours at Eataly drooling at all the specialty cheeses, pastas and meats. The quality and variety are incredible. You can chow down on pizza or porchetta or panini, have a glass of wine or two–and they too have a great hot chocolate.

Catch a movie. I know that this sounds odd. Who wants to sit in a dark movie theater when on vacation? But remember that there are many indie theaters in the city that show films that may never get widely released. Three of the best? The Angelika Film Center on West Houston St., The IFC Center on 6th Ave. and The Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center uptown at Lincoln Center.

Hit a museum–or five. I know, duh, museums in New York? Who’da thunk? Keep in mind, though, that your options don’t end with the

Met or the Museum of Natural History. There are over eighty museums in the city, so the choices seem to be endless and there’s always something for everyone.

Whatever you choose to do or where you choose to do it, have a great weekend!








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