R.I.P. Bleecker Bob's

It’s a sad time for music fans in New York City. Bleecker Bob’s, a Village music retail institution since 1967, is closing imminently–most likely at the end of the year. Bleecker Bob’s has been a favorite spot for record-loving locals and rock stars alike. (In fact, members of the New York Dolls and the

Patti Smith Group reportedly manned the register back in the day.)

With physical record sales plunging and retail rental space prices steadily rising, independent record stores are slowly going the way of the 8-track.

But cheer up music devotees: there are still some real deal record retailers in the neighborhood. Their numbers may be dwindling, but a few are still hanging on:

Rebel Rebel Records
319 Bleecker St
(between Christopher & Grove)
Another Village classic. Great for new release LPs and used vinyl.
Generation Records
210 Thompson St (between West 3rd and Bleecker)
Primarily known for its vast metal and punk collection.
Village Music World
197 Bleecker St (between 6th and MacDougal)
Known for its collection of used and rare, out-of-print CDs.




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