Cheap and Easy: Arthur's Tavern

If you love jazz, and really, really love free jazz, then get thee to Arthur’s Tavern. Arthur’s is in the ‘hood, right on Grove St. just off Seventh Avenue South. There is no cover, people–zero, nada–and the jazz is swinging.

It’s sorta kinda a dump. I’m not going to lie. The decor is…um…eclectic.  The walls and ceiling are decorated

for every holiday in the year–all year round. Christmas lights, tinsel and Easter bunnies share space with Stars of David, Valentine hearts and Thanksgiving turkeys. There is not one ounce of fancy in this joint.

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But if you like your music bluesy and jazzy and funky–and gratis–then Arthur’s is the place to beat. The first set starts around 7 p.m. and the music lasts well into the night. Local musicians usually drop by in the later hours and jam with the featured players. So. Much. Fun.

Try and go on Monday nights. The Grove Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band will have you swearing that you’re in the Big Easy.



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