Welcome, Guests!


love our guests here at the Washington Square Hotel and North Square Restaurant.  We love you bunches.  Each and every one of you.

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So why do we love you so?

Because simply put, you’re the most stylish, the kindest, the wittiest, the brightest and yeah–I’ll go there–best-looking guests in New York City.

We love you so much that we’ve started a blog that will keep you abreast of the latest happenings at and around the hotel.

In this space, we’ll clue you in to the newest menu items inside the restaurant and the latest goings-on outside in our home turf of Greenwich Village.  We’ll talk about the coolest local haunts and hidden hood gems.  We’ll let you know what’s growing in our roof-top garden so you can anticipate what we’ll be putting on your plate the next time you dine with us.

We’ll talk yummiest local falafels and most guaranteed-to-get-you-wired coffee…SOB’s, NYU and Wha?…live park events and dead rockers, awesome quizzes (yeah, you can win stuff) and trivia.   We’ll cover it all.

So please pop in from time to time to check out what’s going on, and even give us suggestions on what you’d like to read about.

We promise to show you the love.



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