New York City Marathon By The Numbers

Number of applicants annually:  10,000

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Number of past participants:  700,000

Number of dollars in prize money for the winner:  $130,000  (Nice.)

Number of dollars in prize money if the winner has won before:  $200,000  (Nicer.)

Number of television viewers world-wide that watch the New York City Marathon:  315 million

Number of dollars it costs to purchase the

“Virtual Trainer VIP” package, which is professional-quality training, including a flexible online plan and personal e-coaching, as well as VIP transportation and food perks:  $999

Number of minutes the current men’s record holder, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya finished the course in 2011:  127 (and 43 seconds).  That’s two hours, people.

Number of days until the marathon:  8, as of this writing.

Find out more about this classic New York event here.





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