Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya..Happy Birthday!

The way we were…

I was once at a party for a gentleman who was turning 40.  The hostess

graciously brought out a cake adorned with a candle for every year (with presumably one to grow on) and the worst possible thing in the world happened to him.  The fire alarm went off.  He was not happy. Not. At. All.  (But yeah, I laughed.  We all did.)

new canadian meds

So the first thought I had when I heard that the Washington Square Hotel was turning 110 was, “Holy Five-Alarmer, Batman!  Call the Fire Department!”

In other words, 110 years is a very, very long time.  Since the beginning, the Hotel Formerly Known as Earle has played host to rockers (Dylan, the B-52′s, Bo Didley), writers (Papa Hemingway, P. G. Wodehouse), jazzmen (Buddy Miles, Dexter Gordon) and Monkees (Davy Jones).

And you.

So Happy Birthday to ya, and here’s to 110 more!


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