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Big Gay Ice Cream

Summer is upon us, which means that it’s time to get ourselves some Big Gay Ice Cream!

You’ve probably heard of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, which started serving up goodies in Union Square in 2009. It was a huge splash, and was soon followed by two Big Gay Ice Cream Shops, one in the East Village and one here in the West, on Grove St.

The cool thing about this place (other than its name) are the creative flavors. The Salty Pimp is vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche and sea salt dipped in chocolate. The Bea Arthur version replaces the chocolate with crushed vanilla wafers. (It’s about time someone honored Maude in the fashion she so richly deserves, amiright?) The Mexican Affo’gay’to is a spicy hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cayenne and shaved chocolate.

They also have a bunch of shakes and floats in flavors like chai, ginger curry and chocolate-peanut butter.

Have a great, hopefully ice cream-filled weekend, everyone!