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Battle of the Burgers

Here’s a cool thing to do on Thursday night: the Battle of the Burgers. Time Out magazine took a survey of both their readers’ and food critics’ favorite burgers and came up with what they feel is the ultimate list. Check out the Top 25 finalists here. The lineup looks promising–and I already have a favorite. (Being a woman of simple tastes, I do love Shake Shack…but damn I hate standing on line!)

On Thursday, $40 will get you samples from over a dozen of the finalists, plus beer. Yes, beer is included. Lots and lots of beer…nectar of the gods. But be aware that if you’d like to attend, tickets must be purchased by midnight on the 6th.

If you can’t make it on Thursday, you can conduct your own taste battle right here in the lounge at North Square. We’re proud of the fact that there’s a burger for everyone. The sirloin burger with cheddar cheese (seen above) is for the purist. Lamburginis, or lamb sliders, with rosemary lemon aioli is for the more adventurous palate. And we don’t discriminate against vegetarians. The lentil and vegetable burger is great for them (and carnivores won’t turn their noses up at them too).

Oh–and we have beer. Lots and lots of beer…