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Bad Film Fest

Face it. We’ve all seen a film that’s so bad that we fall in love with it. 1930s marijuana cautionary tale, Reefer Madness, to name one; Joan Crawford’s Mommie Dearest to name another. Add to that anything by Ed Wood and you’ve got a bona fide bad film greatest hits.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who like to giggle at faulty flicks. The fifth annual Bad Film Fest will take place this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and aims to present you with some of the best low-budget or no-budget movies out there. Here’s a selection of what you could see:

Vegetarian Zombie: A dad tries to engender enthusiasm in his kids about a real zombie apocalypse, even though they are only after vegetables.

Detective Priest: An ex-communicated priest turns to fighting crime to prove to the church that he’s a good guy after all.

Meatloaf Zombies: (Do I detect a trend here?) The tagline: “Found in Detroit. If you’re lucky, you just might catch one.”

“How to Cat Sit” with Matt Beacon, in which clinically depressed ‘How To’ expert Matt Beacon shares a video filled with practical advice and feline-tending tips.

And our personal favorite? The Llama Llover. (Two L’s–see how they did that?), the story of a woman who loves llamas and the man that loves her. They adopt a baby llama and raise it as their own child until she falls romantically in love with the llama.

It all looks quite silly and fun! General tickets are $8 and a full festival pass will run you $30. Dates are this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 19th through the 21st.)

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